What styling product should you use?

How many of us have spent hours in front of the mirror curling our hair for those curls to just drop a few steps out the door? How many more have straightened their hair only to be patting down the frizz all day long? We have heard all your cries and frustrations, and tribe the suffering is over; it’s fab hair from here onwards!

Hair styling products play a crucial part to the longevity of any hairstyle and can make the difference between your style lasting all day and night or flopping before you get out the door. But there’s so many styling products out there promising you effortless perfection, so we don’t blame you if you’ve ever (or regularly) been confused.

As always, we have your back and we’ve narrowed it all down in this handy guide! No matter your hair type, or the challenges you may be having with your locks, we’ve got you covered!

Our hair styling products are tailored to a number of different hair types, and because all hair is different it’s important to find what works for yours. Whether you’re blessed with curly poodle locks that need a little taming and shine, or straight flat strands that need a hit of va-va voom; hair styling products are essential!

For perfect styling remember less is more! Start with a small amount and add if required.