Bhave keratin smoothing – what to expect

Frequent blow drying, hot tool styling, season changes, and our love for the outdoors and exercise (only some of us on that last one?) can lead to stressed out strands and a case of permanent frizz! Hair manageability goes out the window and so do the dreams of having hair like Blake Lively.

But don’t despair tribe, our keratin smoothing treatments are here to get you to those hair goals… unfortunately we can’t deliver Ryan Reynolds though.

Who is keratin smoothing for?

If a simple stylish wave requires a wash and blow-dry before you can finally go in with the curling wand then your routine is more of a marathon than a sprint, and a bhave keratin smoothing treatment is for you! We’ll train those locks to be strong, powerful, and a fabulous sprinting machine!

Why a bhave keratin smoothing treatment will change your life!

Our bhave smoothe PLUS and smoothe XT treatments are heat activated and formulated with innovative amino cell rebuild technology to penetrate the hair; providing health, protection and long-term conditioning. Unlike straightening treatments, bhave keratin smoothing retains the natural hair structure, leaving hair more silky smooth with enhanced natural movement and minimal frizz – magic!

The aim of our smoothing treatments is to enable you to sport your favourite hairstyle in the fraction of the time, regain your confidence with drop dead gorgeous locks, and eliminate that dreaded frizz!